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UAE Offshore Banking and Offshore Bank Account Opening Services in Dubai Banks Which are Offering Best Offshore Bank Account Services for Dubai Offshore Companies


UAE offshore banking and offshore bank account opening process is following world class offshore banking standards. Dubai Offshore banking offers complete offshore account facilities and privacy. Offshore account opening in Dubai banks is simple and straight forward process. Offshore bank accounts are operated by online banking modules which are developed by international IT security standards. Offshore bank accounts are allowed to hold multiple currency accounts. Dubai offshore banking helps international businesses in managing their worldwide financial commitments. With the increasing role of Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) role in UAE and specifically Dubai financial and capital market, offshore banking is most suitable and cost effective option for those who are operating in the Asian western markets.


List of UAE banks include all the major banking players around the globe along UAE local banks who are offering offshore bank accounts. UAE local banks are very popular for the offshore banking services being offered to Dubai offshore companies to fulfill offshore banking requirements. Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is home to many regional and international banks who have either opened their branches or representative offices which facilitate your international funds movement and ontime payments around the globe.


Dubai banking system is regulated by UAE Central Bank which is implementing very strict regulatory framework to assure more secure and high quality banking services. There are no restrictions on funds transfer in any currency denominations from or to Dubai offshore banks. Offshore banking services in Dubai are cheap and good currency rates are being offered to offshore banking clients.


UAE offshore banking services are being used to facilitate international payment, funds parking and tax planning schemes. Several offshore tax haven services are also being offered along with other offshore banking facilities by Dubai offshore banks, like:


Offshore Asset Management
Offshore Asset Protection
Offshore Portfolio Managers
Offshore Private Bank Accounts
Offshore Inheritance Planning
Offshore Wealth Management
Offshore Tax Consultation
Offshore Account Managers
Offshore Personal Financial Strategies
Offshore Company Formation in Dubai


Dawn consultancy has close working relationships with a number of UAE local banks and banks across the globe, specializing in the provision of international banking services for offshore companies by opening offshore accounts in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Depending on the emirate you choose, you will find our 7 years’ experience and expertise has been invaluable in identifying and working with reputable and leading offshore and international banks. We regularly review the best offshore banks and offshore banking opportunities for business purposes in the market place and recommend those which we believe to be best suited to meet your identified offshore banking needs.


Listed below are some of the most popular UAE and Dubai local banks offering offshore banking services to offshore companies registered in Jebel Ali Offshore and RAK offshore or for incorporation in all other jurisdictions, but please note that we may be able to offer others banks (UAE local banks and Dubai international banks) depending on where your offshore company is incorporated:


Emirates NBD
Mashreq Bank
Noor Bank
Emirates Islamic Bank
Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank
National Bank of Abu Dhabi
First Gulf Bank
United Arab Bank


We are registered offshore agents for JAZA Offshore and RAK Offshore Agents along with onshore (L.L.C.) company registration Agents for all UAE Free Zones and having experience of registering more than 500 companies for our valuable clients around the globe. Our clients are our profile and our publicity medium and that is achieved by following our organisational goals of high standards of service and personal care to every client at competitive service fee.


For any further assistance feel free to contact us anytime.