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UAE Forensic Auditors, Dubai Forensic Auditors and Forensic Accounting Services in Dubai, forensic auditors in Abu Dhabi, forensic auditors in Sharjah and forensic auditors in UAE


No system is fool proof and any organization can be harmed by internal /external fraud, corruption and bribery by the employees or in collaboration with the employees. Effects of fraud can be very serious and threat to the continuity of operations and damage to companies’ reputation.


Our forensic accounting services in Dubai and forensic auditing services in Dubai can help you to avoid this type of losses. Forensic accounting experts and Forensic auditing experts will help you devise a system which will prevent the company assets from unauthorized use.


Forensic audit report for Dubai Police


Forensic Audit services in Dubai is examination and evaluation of a company’s financial information and records for use as evidence in the Dubai Police proceedings. A forensic audit for Dubai Police can be carried out in order to register a case in Dubai Police or prosecute a party for his/her fraud, any embezzlement or other financial claims of different nature.


If you are victim of a fraudulent activity, then our Dubai forensic auditors can prepare a forensic audit report for Dubai Police to register a case. We are Dubai Police approved auditors for preparing fraud reports for Dubai Police. It’s a requirement of Dubai Police to bring a fraud report from approved Auditor in Dubai. Our legal experts team comprise of Dubai forensic auditors, Dubai forensic accountants and lawyers. Forensic audit report to register a case in Dubai police requires in depth investigation. If you are looking for forensic report for Dubai police, please contact our legal experts in Dubai.


Financial Consultancy Reports for Dubai Courts


Dubai Forensic Accounting Services can be summarized as use of accounting rules and techniques to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyze financial information for use in legal proceedings. Requirement for Dubai Forensic accountancy / Forensic accountants in Dubai services comes from actual, anticipated disputes or litigation.


Our Financial Forensic services in Dubai can be utilized in following circumstances


• Calculation of economic damages, either due to tort or breach of contractual obligations
• Post-acquisition disputes such as earnouts or warranties
• Insolvency, bankrupt or reorganization
• Securities and tax fraud
• Money laundering
• Business valuations
• Professional negligence


We are Dubai Court Approved Auditors and UAE Courts Approved Auditors for assistance in the court cases and proceeds as Dubai court approved financial experts and UAE court approved financial experts. We can help you by preparing a consultancy report for Dubai Courts which will support your claim in Dubai Courts. Working as financial experts for Dubai courts has enhanced the skills and expertise required for such Court consultant reports. Financial consultancy report for courts helps your lawyers as a professional opinion on the financial issues. To assure the quality of Dubai Court Consultancy reports, we have in-house lawyers who work with Chartered Accountants for Consultant report for Dubai Courts.


We are approved Consultants and Auditors for Abu Dhabi Courts and Approved auditors for Abu Dhabi Police for preparing forensic audit reports and court consultancy reports in Abu Dhabi. We have any independent office in Abu Dhabi and our financial and legal experts in Abu Dhabi are serving Abu Dhabi and Al Ain clients from Abu Dhabi office. Consultancy report Abu Dhabi court and fraud investigation report for Abu Dhabi Police is different from Dubai Courts. Our expert team of court financial consultant does understand the different court structure and respond to legal consultancy clients accordingly.


We are approved auditors for Sharjah Police and Approved financial consultants for Sharjah courts and serving consultancy report for Sharjah court and forensic audit report clients for Sharjah Police from Sharjah office. We are also providing our forensic audit services and court consultancy report services as approved auditors for Ajman Police and Approved Consultants for Ajman Courts.


We are covering clients for Ras Al Khaimah (RAK) financial consultancy report for RAK Courts and forensic audit report for RAK Police from our offices in Dubai and Sharjah.


For any further queries or question, please feel free to contact us.