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RAK Offshore Company Registration by RAK Approved Offshore Agents RAK Offshore Company Registration, RAK Offshore Incorporation, Formation In RAK Offshore by Registered RAK Offshore Agents.


For your offshore company requirements, RAK Offshore company formation is an ideal option and location for your international business operations and asset protection schemes. Particularly, if you are looking for an offshore location in the growing economies of Middle East countries where you can register your LTD offshore company without too much high cost or hassle, Dawn Consultancy’s prompt suggestion without a second thought will be RAK Offshore Incorporation and we are RAK Offshore Registered Agents for RAK Offshore Company Formations.


RAK Offshore Company set up is a comprehensive solution that not only offers an offshore company location for international businesses company (IBC) but also offers a strong flexible offshore regulatory framework which is based on global best practices for offshore company registrations. RAK Offshore company formation is extremely flexible international trade vehicles that can serve many objectives like; to support your international trading operations, asset protection, better tax planning, holding real estates, establishing trusts, funds and much more.


Due to its proximity to world’s major economies, having strategic location between the East and the West and having ready access to more flexible, multicultural, highly skilled and workforce, RAK Offshore company incorporation is the best place for outsourcing business like accounting, audit and other back office operations. The RAK Investment Authority (RAKIA Offshore) has long experience in fast registration and management of innovative companies and ventures. To fulfil the promise of a comprehensive solution for international businesses, RAK Offshore offers a combination of distinct but interrelated services and state of the art infrastructure.


RAK Offshore Business Centrer and RAK Offshore Registered Agents


RAK Offshore is launching a Financial City to house the offices of RAK Offshore as well as all the offshore businesses and financial services companies that have domicile in RAK Offshore. RAK Offshore office space options will be flexible and will range from ready-made offices available on leasehold or freehold basis to freehold plots of land where buyers can construct office buildings to suit their needs and taste.




RAK Offshore companies require a symbolic capital and only one director and shareholder. Management can have board meetings anywhere in the world and Confidentiality of shareholders identity is assured and kept by law, unless there is a suspicion of criminal activity by the RAK and UAE regulatory bodies.The cost of incorporation of such IBCs and the yearly renewal and maintenance fee are minimal. Offshore Companies or International Business Companies registered in RAK Offshore can bear the status of Ltd (Limited). RAK Offshore Company formation requires an offshore agent to register the Offshore Company in RAKIA.




• RAK Offshore offers 100% ownership with 0% corporate, income and value added tax
• RAK Offshore company registration can be done remotely (No need to visit UAE)
• Physical Office is not required for RAK Offshore Registration
• RAK Offshore company can hold bank accounts and deposits in UAE or worldwide
• RAK Offshore company formation can hold shares in other UAE or worldwide companies
• In RAK Offshore company formation, non UAE residents can be director or shareholder
• UAE residents (local or expats) can act as shareholder, director or secretary in RAK Offshore Company
• RAK Offshore company formation can have corporate shareholders or corporate directors
• RAK Offshore companies can owned assets in UAE with RAKIA prior permission
• RAK Offshore companies are not obliged to maintain their books of accounts and records
• RAK Offshore incorporation assures confidentiality of shareholder information
• UAE Offshore authorities are not member of the OECD and EU so no information exchange
• UAE Offshore is not blacklisted offshore jurisdiction in OECD and EU
• UAE Offshore authorities have no contract for exchange of information


Following documents are required to incorporate an Offshore Company in RAK Offshore for individual shareholders


• Passport Copy
• Bank Reference Letter
• Proof of Residence (like utility bill or municipality certificate)


For non-individual shareholders/applicants


• Applicant company’s copy of license or incorporation certificate
• MOA of the shareholding/applicant company
• Board Resolution to incorporate offshore company in RAK Offshore
• Passport Copies of the Directors and the Shareholders
• Additional documents may be requested during the registration process


Activities allowed outside UAE


UAE Offshore Company registration, Dubai Offshore Company formation, RAK Offshore registration, Offshore Company Setup, UAE Offshore
• International General trading
• Business consulting and business advisory services.
• Act as holding company
• Can own shares and other assets worldwide
• Can own property
• Business services
• Professional services
• Shipping activities
Activities allowed inside UAE.
• Can hold assets
• Can issue invoices
• Hold bank accounts
• Management and accounting services
• Property Ownship (Freehold Areas).


DAWN Consultancy


Dawn consultancy is award winning RAK Offshore registered agent for RAK Offshore company formation which is a leading group of financial and legal consultants serving international business community for more than 7 years. We have secured a prominent position in RAK Offshore registered agents and registered most number of RAK offshore companies in a month. We have earned international reputation among the consultants by focusing on customer service and practical advises. For consultation and offshore package details, please contact us.