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Dawn consultancy is a leading management consultancy based in UAE for last 7 years serving local and international clients. Our team is highly experienced, professional and devoted to provide the best customer experience. We have served more than 500 happy clients and worked closely with the government and semi government institutes to find solutions for complicated transaction. Our marketing philosophy is “A satisfied client is the best marketing strategy”


Our portfolio of services include Audit, Bookkeeping, UAE Liquidations, Business advisory, Mergers and acquisition in Dubai, Corporate finance management, Due diligence services in UAE, UAE offshore company registration, UAE LLC company setup, Dubai offshore company with bank account, Dubai Freezone company registration, UAE PRO services, UAE banks related consultancy.


We are registered agents for offshore company in JAFZA and RAK. Our UAE offshore company formation services include offshore company formation in Dubai, RAK offshore company formation and bank account, Ajman offshore company incorporation, JAFZA offshore company incorporation. We are approved and Dubai registered agents for offshore company formations in UAE.


How to register offshore company in Dubai, UAE and documents required


Individual Shareholders


To start with Dubai offshore company formation procedure, please send us the following documents and your offshore company Dubai will be ready in 2 days:
• Passport copy (notarized) of shareholder
• Proof of residence – can be current utility bill (the original)
• Bank reference letter (the original)
• Curriculum Vitae of the shareholder
• Suggested name of the offshore company (3-5 of your choice)
• Suggested activities of the offshore company
• Detail of the ultimate beneficiaries of the offshore company
• Contact us as registered offshore agents in Dubai for cheap offshore company formation in Dubai


For Corporate entity shareholders


• Trade license or incorporation certificate copy – Apostilled/ attested.
• Original shareholders’ resolution – Attested (deciding to acquire shares of the JAFZA offshore company setup or RAK offshore company setup)
• MOA (Memorandum of Association) of the parent company – Apostilled/ attested
• Passport Copies for the directors, shareholders and secretary of UAE offshore company
• Parent company’s Certificate of Good Standing (Attested)
• Incumbency certificate of parent company (which mention the name of shareholders and directors) Attested
• During the UAE Offshore company setup other document may be required by the Registrar
• If the parent entity is again owned by another corporate, the same documents will be required up to last level to get to know the initial beneficiary owners.


Note: The bank reference letter should be in English and addressed to the UAE offshore authority in which you are incorporating your offshore company. Utility bill should also be in English or Arabic otherwise translation will be required.


How to register offshore company in Dubai and its Fees?

Our services as UAE offshore agents                                                   USD
RAK offshore company Incorporation Fee (Full package)                   1,899
JAFZA Offshore company registration Fee (Full package)                  3,899


Dubai offshore company setup package includes one year RAK Offshore authority/ JAFZA offshore authority fees, JAFZA offshore registered agent services/RAK offshore registered agent services, registered office address in Dubai, Registered PO Box, Bank Account opening consultancy and UAE offshore company legal documents preparation.


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How to open offshore bank account in Dubai for your Dubai offshore banking


UAE offshore company and bank account is a common requirement and we are working closely with all the UAE banks to open Dubai bank account for Dubai offshore companies. Based on your requirements, we will recommend you best banks in UAE to meet your offshore banking requirement. UAE corporate bank account opening process will be simplified by our professional consultants. Dubai corporate bank accounts and UAE banking services will facilitate all your international banking transactions.


General points (details below this table)


Type of offshore company in UAE                                     Private LTD (IBC)
UAE Offshore Jurisdictions                                                4
How to register UAE offshore company name                   UAE offshore agents
Taxes for register offshore company in UAE                     No taxes
Meeting requirement and location                                      No, Anywhere
UAE registered offshore agent and office                          Yes
Timeframe for Dubai offshore company registration         2 days
Double taxation treaty of UAE offshore jurisdictions         Yes
How to setup Dubai offshore company seal/stamp           Yes


Shareholders and Directors


Number of shareholders offshore UAE company               One(1) min.
Local representative/sponsor offshore UAE company         No
Nominee services for offshore UAE company                     Yes
Disclosure of the beneficial owners details to the                Yes
UAE offshore company Registrar
Disclosure of the beneficial owners to the Dubai                 Yes
offshore Registered Agent


Shares and initial capital of offshore Dubai company


Classes of Shares for Offshore companies in UAE                     Registered Shares
Minimum capital to set up offshore company in UAE                  1


Annual requirements for UAE offshore company


Annual Renewal of offshore company in Dubai                            Yes
Annual Reporting of offshore companies in Dubai                        No
KYC information to offshore company formation agents              Yes


How to register International Business Company (IBC) in Dubai, UAE


A Dubai international business company or Dubai International Business Corporation (Dubai IBC) is a Dubai offshore company formed under the laws of UAE offshore jurisdictions as a UAE tax-free company which is not permitted to engage in business within the jurisdiction it is incorporated. RAK IBCs setups are offshore companies registration in UAE that are most commonly used for UAE offshore banking, to conduct international trade through business setup in UAE, investment activities using offshore companies in UAE, to offer professional services worldwide and for international asset protection through offshore companies in Dubai.


UAE LLC Company UAE Offshore Company RAK Offshore Company UAE Offshore Banking UAQ FTZ Company PRO Services in UAE


Name and company activities for UAE offshore company set up


The UAE Offshore Companies are not allowed to use following words “banking, media, insurance, reinsurance, MENA, royal, emirates and corporation. An Offshore company setup in UAE must not pursue with these business activity types.The name of the Dubai offshore company or RAK offshore company must end with the suffix “Limited or Ltd” to denote the legal status of UAE offshore companies like offshore company in RAK, Dubai offshore companies or Ajman offshore company.


Local requirements for UAE offshore company incorporation


The IBC company in RAKIA and IBC company incorporation in Dubai must maintain a local Dubai offshore registered agent approved by UAE Offshore authorities like JAFZA Offshore Authority, RAK Offshore Authority or Ajman offshore Authority.For JAFZA Offshore Company incorporation, RAK Offshore companies formation and Ajman offshore Company registration locale registered office address for Dubai off shore company will be provided by the registered UAE offshore agent of the relevant offshore authority in UAE.


Tax implications for Dubai offshore company, RAK Offshore company and Ajman Offshore Company


As everyone knows that UAE offshore company formation with bank account is a tax free company; so there is no UAE corporate tax for offshore companies, no UAE income tax for offshore, no capital gains tax on property or sales tax (VAT) in the UAE with exception for oil producing companies incorporated in UAE and branches of foreign banks working in UAE. UAE offshore authorities don’t have agreements with other countries for sharing taxation related information for offshore companies. That’s why UAE offshore corporation formation and Dubai offshore corporation formation is hotcake for UAE offshore investors. UAE offshore corporation is the cheap offshore company formation with nil tax liability.


Annual audit report for UAE offshore incorporation– not required


All the offshore companies registered in UAE should maintain a proper accounting system which needs to be audited annually and distributed to shareholders of offshore company incorporation in Dubai. There is no requirement to file audited financial statements to RAK offshore Authority or Dubai Offshore Authority for Dubai offshore incorporations. All the financial records and audited financial statements of RAK offshore company incorporation and UAE offshore companies formation can be retained anywhere in the world.


Shareholders for offshore company registration in Dubai and RAK offshore incorporation


For Dubai offshore company incorporation, minimum one shareholder and maximum 5 shareholders. For Dubai offshore Company formation no public register is required however, Dubai offshore registered agent must retain a shareholder register at the registered office of Dubai offshore incorporation. Corporate shareholders are allowed for Dubai Offshore Company registration


UAE LLC Company UAE Offshore Company RAK Offshore Company UAE Offshore Banking UAQ FTZ Company PRO Services in UAE


Directors for offshore company set up in Dubai and RAK offshore incorporation


JAFZA Offshore company setup requires minimum two director (can’t be corporate director). RAKIA Offshore company formation requires minimum one director (can be corporate director). For JAFZA offshore company incorporation and RAKIA offshore company incorporation, there is no public register of directors requirement, however, the registered agent for Dubai offshore company must maintain a register of offshore directors at the registered office of Dubai offshore company incorporation.


Minimum capital requirement for offshore company setup in Dubai


The share capital for Dubai offshore company setup is usually determined by the UAE offshore company owners. UAE Offshore incorporations should mention capital in MOA of Dubai offshore company. UAE offshore jurisdictions don’t allow bearer shares. The denomination of share capital can be AE Dirham and US Dollar. UAE offshore authorities have no requirement to show capital in bank.


Advantages of UAE offshore Company registration in Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates):


1. Dubai business setup, UAE is a tax free country. There is no tax department and hence 0% taxation for income tax in Dubai, corporate tax in Dubai and capital gain tax in Dubai (except for entities which are oil producing companies or they are branches of foreign banks in Dubai)
2. Dubai offshore company setup offers100% ownership
3. Physical office not required for offshore company incorporation in Dubai
4. UAE residents can incorporate offshore company in Dubai
5. UAE offshore company directors and shareholders records are not public
6. No filing of audited financial statements for UAE offshore companies
7. No agreements with other countries for taxation related information exchange
8. UAE offshore company formation and bank account can be completed remotely without visiting UAE but you need visit Dubai for offshore bank account opening in UAE
9. World class offshore banking facilities in Dubai with all the required flexibility and confidentiality expected from Dubai banking system to fulfill the requirements of high net worth international investors and businesses
10. Offshore company registration in UAE can own real property and yachts in UAE
11. UAE offshore Company incorporation is supported with strict UAE offshore legislation which protects the confidentiality of UAE off shore investors.
12. Cost effective and cheap off shore company in Dubai


Further Details:


For free consultation or further details about offshore company formation in UAE, please feel free to contact our specialist offshore agents in Dubai. We assure you of our best offshore package for your Dubai offshore company formation.


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