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Dubai Due Diligence Service Consultants and Business Due Diligence in UAE. Dubai Financial Due Diligence Services Providers in UAE or UAE Due Diligence Service Providers in Dubai

Our Dubai due diligence services team is highly experienced and expert in financial due diligence services in UAE and Legal due diligence services in UAE and will assist you in decision making process by evaluating the viability of the said project/investment through conducting a detailed due diligence consultancy in UAE. Our due diligence consultants in Dubai are the right combination of expertise comprising Chartered Accountants (CA), CPA, CFA, MBA, CISA, MBA and Legal experts. This has secured a leading status among UAE audit firms providing due diligence services in Dubai. Due Diligence Consultants in UAE and Due Diligence Services UAE are playing a vital role in the growth of foreign investment in UAE.


Financial Due Diligence services in UAE has emerged as the separate professional service for the accounting firms in Dubai and audit firms in Dubai. We are providing Due Diligence services in Dubai, Due Diligence services in Abu Dhabi, Due Diligence services in Sharjah, Due Diligence Services in Ajman, Due Diligence services in RAK and Due Diligence services in Fujairah. Our UAE due diligence services approach and due diligence methodology is developed on the internationally recognized practices with the focus towards a successful transaction. Our consultants in Dubai for due diligence services Dubai are equipped with all the necessary skills, expertise and techniques required of a good due diligence consultant in Dubai.


What is Due Diligence and how UAE due diligence is conducted


Due Diligence services in UAE is the process through which a potential investor/acquirer / buyer evaluates the targeted company’s financial position and historical financial performance. The rationale for Due Diligence services in Dubai holds that this type of investigation contributes significantly towards more informed decision making because it increases the amount and quality of information for the investors and decision makers. Due Diligence services in UAE can be categorized into different classes depending on its usage and purpose


• Due Diligence for merger, acquisition, privatization or corporate finance transactions to help the decision of buyer
• Due Diligence with focus of some material future events and matters
• Due diligence key questionnaire like how do you buy, how you structure the acquisition? How much you should pay?
• Due Diligence for the current practices of process and policies
• Due Diligence services aiming at acquisition decision via the principles of valuation and shareholder value analysis


The Due Diligence process or Due Diligence framework is usually divided into nine areas

• Compatibility Audit
• Management Audit
• Financial Audit
• Legal / environment audit
• Production audit
• Marketing audit
• Information systems audit
• Macro environment audit
• Reconciliation audit


Incorporation of valuation concepts (shareholder value analysis) is essential to be linked in due diligence services in Dubai in order to reduce the number of failed acquisitions and merger services in Dubai. For this, two audit areas are very crucial


The Compatible audit
Focuses on the strategic components of the transaction and shareholder value addition


The reconciliation audit
It’s basically linking and consolidation of other audit area through a formal valuation


The relevant areas of concern during the business merger due diligence services in UAE are Financial, Legal, IT, Tax, Labour, macro environment and commercial/market situation of the entity. Other areas of concern include intellectual, real and personal property, debt instruments review, employee benefits and labor matters, insurance and liability coverage, immigration and international business transactions. For Dubai Due diligence consultants, areas of concern are continuously developing.


Outcome of financial due diligence in Dubai impacts a number of aspects of the financial due diligence Dubai transaction including the purchase price, warranties and representations negotiated during the acquisition/merger transaction in Dubai along with the indemnifications provided by the counter party.


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