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Dawn consultancy is best RAK Offshore registered agent for RAK Offshore company formation which is a leading group of financial and legal consultants serving local and international business community for more than 7 years. We have secured a prominent status in RAK Offshore registered agents and set up RAK offshore businesses in Ras Al Khaimah. We have earned international reputation as the best RAK Offshore consultants by focusing on customer service and practical advice. For consultation and RAK offshore company package details, please contact us or call on +971 55 4411036 for immediate consultation.


Who should setup RAK offshore company? What is an offshore company in RAK


Those investors who are looking to start businesses in United Arab Emirates (UAE), but their business model don’t intend to conduct any business in UAE, can set up offshore company in RAK Offshore international registry service. RAK offshore company services are particularly suitable for those companies who are looking for minimizing their corporate tax liabilities, looking asset protection or they are in need of establishing some exchange control trading vehicle. RAK Offshore company cost is very low and cheapest RAK offshore registered agent fees are also low. Offshore company setup in RAK gives international image to your business. Offshore company set up RAK allows general trading and professional services in single license. Don’t worry how to setup offshore company in RAK but get ready to enjoy RAK offshore company benefits.


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What Documents are required for RAK offshore company incorporation?

Following documents are required to incorporate RAK Offshore Company registrationin RAK Offshore for individual shareholders


• Passport copies for formation of offshore company in RAK (notarized)
• Bank Reference Letter addressed to RAK Offshore authority (original)
• Proof of Residence, like utility bill or municipality certificate (original)
• Curriculum Vitae of Shareholder of Offshore company set up in RAK
• Six months bank statement for formation of offshore company in RAK


For non-individual shareholders/applicants


• Applicant company’s copy of license or incorporation certificate (attested)
• MOA (attested) for formation of RAK offshore company
• Shareholder Resolution to incorporate RAK offshore company in RAK Offshore (attested)
• Passport copies of the directors and the shareholders
• Certificate of Good Standing of applicant company
• Incumbency certificate of applicant company
• If applicant company is again owned by another company, the same documents are required up to final level to get to know the initial beneficiary owner.
• Additional documents may be requested during the registration process


What is the RAK offshore company incorporation package?


Our cheapest RAK offshore company registration package start from USD: 1,899. This cheapest RAK Offshore company setup package is best package for cheapest offshore company formation RAK and includes following RAK offshore services for one year.

Registered agent services for cheap offshore company formation in RAK
Registered office address for offshore company registration in RAK
Offshore company setup in RAK with bank account in UAE
Landline number for offshore company set up in RAK
Mail handling for registration of offshore company in RAK
Secretarial and admin services for incorporation of offshore company in RAK
RAK Offshore company incorporation with RAK Offshore bank account in UAE
Offshore company RAK will use PO Box of RAK offshore registered agents


Note: RAK Offshore company cost and RAK offshore agent fees are paid after the RAK offshore company documents are approved.


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How to Register a RAK Offshore company? Or how to register offshore company in RAK?


How to setup RAK offshore company is a frequently asked question? The answer is simple that you need to contact RAK offshore registered agents. RAK offshore has a list of RAK offshore agents who are approved and registered agents of RAK Offshore. The RAK offshore agent will apply for name approval for your cheapest RAK offshore company formation (cheapest offshore company registration in RAK) along with documents. After approval, MOA and application forms will be signed and you will provide all the original documents for RAK offshore company setup. Within one day RAK offshore company setup with bank account application signing will be complete. RAK offshore company incorporation with bank account will be operational within a week.


Key Characteristics


• RAK Offshore business set up offers 100% ownership
• RAK Offshore business setup enjoys 0% corporate, income and value added tax
• RAK Offshore company registrations can be done remotely (No need to visit UAE)
• Physical Office is not required for offshore company registration RAK
• RAK Offshore corporations can hold offshore company bank accounts in UAE or worldwide
• RAK Offshore companies formation can hold shares in other UAE or worldwide companies
• For RAK Offshore companies formation, non UAE residents can be director or shareholder
• UAE residents (local or expats) can act as shareholder, director or secretary in offshore company RAK
• RAK Offshore company formations can have corporate shareholders and directors
• Offshore companies in RAK can owned assets in UAE with RAKIA prior permission
• RAK Offshore incorporation are not obliged to submit audited financial statements
• RAK Offshore incorporation assures confidentiality of shareholder information
• RAK Offshore authorities are not member of the OECD and EU, so no information exchange
• Offshore companies RAK are not blacklisted offshore jurisdiction in OECD and EU
• Ras Al Khaimah Offshore company authorities have no contract for exchange of information
• Offshore companies setup in RAK offshore can’t apply for UAE resident visa and cannot have business with UAE resident entities and people


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for RAK Offshore Company


How to approve name for offshore company formations in RAK

RAK International Business Company (RAK IBC) should use Limited or Ltd suffix to highlight the legal status of RAK offshore corporation formation and bank account. Offshore companies in RAK should not use the misleading words like UAE, Emirates, Dubai, RAK, Bank, Financial, Insurance, Gulf, School, University and reinsurance etc. The investor of offshore holding company in RAK should send us 3 to 5 suggested names of offshore RAK Company. We will get approved the name for your offshore company setup in RAK.


Registered offshore agents in RAK or registered agents for RAK offshore company setup


All the investors should contact company formation agents in RAK. For that purpose RAK offshore authority has a list of approved agents for RAK offshore company registration. RAK offshore company formation agents will play the role of bridge between offshore authority in RAK and newly form offshore corporation in RAK. RAK offshore company registration agents will maintain all the information of RAK offshore company and will arrange for RAK offshore company renewal. RAK offshore company renewal costs are nominal along with registered Agents for RAK offshore fees.


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What is the minimum capital required to register offshore company in RAK?


Minimum share capital is not required for offshore company’s registration in RAK offshore. Offshore company RAK can have any amount as capital and should be disclosed in the MOA of offshore company incorporation in RAK. There is no requirement to deposit capital in RAK offshore bank account for offshore company incorporation in RAK.


Directors and Secretary of offshore companies in RAK


For offshore companies in RAK offshore a minimum of one director and one secretary required but they can be corporate bodies. Both designations can be held by one person. RAK Offshore Agents should maintain directors’ register for RAK offshore companies but it is not public record.


Local office address of offshore companies in RAKIA


RAKIA offshore companies should appoint one of RAKIA offshore agents from the list of RAKIA offshore agents. The RAKIA offshore agents should provide their approved office address as new RAKIA offshore company office address.


Accounting and Audit requirements for RAK IBCs


All the offshore companies set up in RAK should maintain books of accounts which should be audited annually and distributed to RAK offshore corporation shareholders. But offshore companies RAK are not required to submit audited financial statements with the RAK Offshore authority.


How long it takes to set up RAK offshore company?


If documents required to register RAK offshore company are ready then usually it takes one day to setup RAK offshore company.


Restrictions for offshore company RAK


The RAK International Business Company (RAK IBC) or RAK Company Offshore are not allowed to work in United Arab Emirates
RAK Offshore companies are not allowed to apply for UAE resident visa
RAK Offshore business set up is not allowed to lease office in UAE
RAK offshore business registration is not allowed to hire employees in UAE

RAK offshore company with bank account and RAK Offshore banking

RAK Offshore company bank account can be opened with all the UAE local bank with offshore banking facilities. RAK offshore banking is having international level banks and RAK offshore banking is cheap as compared to other international offshore jurisdictions.


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