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  • Call us: +971 55 4411036
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  • ADD US : dawn.consultancy
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VAT Implementation in UAE by VAT expert consultants in Dubai and VAT Consultants in UAE.


Dawn Consultancy is a leading team of VAT consultants in Dubai based in UAE VAT Consultants community and serving local and international clients in VAT consultancy services in UAE, VAT advisory services in Dubai and VAT audit requirements. We have a dedicated team of UAE VAT Consultants with financial and legal backgrounds like chartered accounts in UAE, ACCAs, CPAs and Legal consultants. We offer UAE VAT Registration services in Dubai, UAE VAT Consultancy services UAE VAT Assessment services, UAE VAT implementation services in Dubai and other emirates.


UAE VAT implementation is coming into effect on January 1, 2018, with VAT registration Consultants in UAE being on full speed, the UAE VAT is a charge borne by the final customer, the general rule of VAT law is that the supplier has to account for VAT. The closing price of the transaction is inclusive of VAT.


Our VAT Consultants in UAE team deal in UAE VAT Advisory, UAE tax optimization, UAE VAT implementation and VAT training services in UAE and throughout the GCC.  Our UAE VAT experts team is highly qualified and senior tax advisers, finance experts, and tax accountants will ensure a timely and nominal VAT services for SMEs.  Apart from the consultative and execution of VAT services in UAE, our team is available after 1 January 2018 (the launch date) to execute VAT compliance and stay on board to help your growing business to abide by the rules of VAT in UAE before it becomes multifaceted.


Complexity of VAT implications may depend upon the size and nature of your operations. Contracting companies, developers, entities involved in cross border transactions may need to  be better prepared than entities in business like retail etc.


For smaller companies the challenge may be to ensure that proper VAT compliant accounting set up is maintained, larger ones on the other hand may have to assess the impact on their individual contracts and revenue stream.


This is where we at Dawn Consultancy can assist you. With our FREE VAT Impact Assessment services, we aim to ensure that your business is well-equipped for VAT once it comes in to action next month. In order to build long-term relationships with our clients, we provide well-researched professional advice and efficient solutions to all their VAT-related problems.


We can help you with


– Providing a detailed VAT impact assessment (free of charge)
– Training your staff to be well equipped for VAT
– Recommending changes/updates in your accounting system
– Recommending changes in your invoice structure & other related documents
– Educating you on the VAT rates applicable on each of your revenue  streams
– Advising you on the impact of VAT on your ongoing projects.
– Advising you on maintenance of data in order to be VAT compliant.



To book a free consultation and VAT Impact Assessment session please write us back or contact us at +971 55 4411036.


We enthusiastically look forward to work with you.

Please check below comprehensive presentation on VAT by KPMG which was organized by DMCC. The video is for educational purpose only to spread awareness about VAT and help companies to better understand VAT without any liabilities on us regarding the content.




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